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202 puzzles tagged green

Mountain mist, Photographer unknown130Mountain mist, Photographer unknownBroad winged hawk May 22.1690Broad winged hawk May 22.16Proudly displaying May 15.1690Proudly displaying May 15.16Bird seed Bandit April 30.1699Bird seed Bandit April 30.16Release of Sindile Jun. 1898Release of Sindile Jun. 18Morningside Park=Oct 8.1599Morningside Park=Oct 8.15Please July 29.15108Please July 29.15Two Birmingham Boys-April 10.16 -98Two Birmingham Boys-April 10.16 -Tingana male Wild Earth Safari drive Mar. 30.16112Tingana male Wild Earth Safari drive Mar. 30.16Karula Feb. 16.1698Karula Feb. 16.16Little bee-eater Jan. 18/16-wild earth Safari91Little bee-eater Jan. 18/16-wild earth SafariStart of Spring May 4/1290Start of Spring May 4/12Face in the Tree-May 3/1299Face in the Tree-May 3/12Waiting for this -May 15/09120Waiting for this -May 15/09Cataract eyed raccoon March 13.1699Cataract eyed raccoon March 13.16Aurora over clouds Iceland Nov. 24 15 Daniele Boffelli.96Aurora over clouds Iceland Nov. 24 15 Daniele Boffelli.Mississagi Provincial Park Aug 14.15108Mississagi Provincial Park Aug 14.15November snow doe- Nov 24.15120November snow doe- Nov 24.15Wild turkey flap Nov 15.15108Wild turkey flap Nov 15.15Aurora Norway May 4.14 Tommy Richardson98Aurora Norway May 4.14 Tommy Richardson