God is love. Animal lover. Art lover. Against animal cruelty. Cats, horses and pretty things. Aesthete. Thanks to all for great puzzles and also playing mine. Happy smiles from the west coast of Canada!


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'Forest Princess' by Margarita Kareva16'Forest Princess' by Margarita KarevaPaint horse - Live like someone left the gate open.20Paint horse - Live like someone left the gate open.'Fashion Lady' by Kathryn Morris Trotter12'Fashion Lady' by Kathryn Morris TrotterBeautiful countryside, Netherlands.24Beautiful countryside, Netherlands.Butterfly beauty, a gentle kiss from nature.16Butterfly beauty, a gentle kiss from nature.Sweet snuggly dreams for kitty20Sweet snuggly dreams for kitty'Apple of My Eye'  by Margarita Kareva16'Apple of My Eye' by Margarita KarevaCharming Chateau de Villandry, France24Charming Chateau de Villandry, France'Enchantment' by Pamela Colebourn12'Enchantment' by Pamela ColebournHappy bright Summer Tanager Bird15Happy bright Summer Tanager Bird


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