God is Love. Art and animal lover. Against Animal cruelty. Awareness for nearly extinct animals. Country girl at heart who adores cats! I like to come up with creative photography and a variety of paintings to post. Thanks for great puzzles and also playing and liking mine. Smiles from Canada!


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'Reading by the Window' by Charles James Lewis20'Reading by the Window' by Charles James LewisKitty Rustling in Autumn Leaves20Kitty Rustling in Autumn Leaves'Autumn' by Margarita Kareva16'Autumn' by Margarita Kareva'A Meeting by the Stile' by Heywood Hardy20'A Meeting by the Stile' by Heywood HardyBurg Eltz Castle, Germany20Burg Eltz Castle, Germany'Noblewoman' by Margarita Kareva20'Noblewoman' by Margarita Kareva'The Cat's Lunch' by Marguerite Gerard16'The Cat's Lunch' by Marguerite GerardDarling Dreamer20Darling Dreamer'Dreaming in the Wood' by Christian Schloe16'Dreaming in the Wood' by Christian SchloeMountain Meadow Ranch24Mountain Meadow Ranch


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