After a brain accident, my Doctor mention puzzles as one of the best exercises (if not the best), to keep the brain in charge. Here I'm 35 years later, loving every minute of it.


nature 260×
blue 186×
colorful 141×
red 135×
cute 133×
sky 114×
pretty 112×
water 110×
beautiful 105×
flowers 104×

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Macro Tulips99Macro TulipsBanff National Park96Banff National ParkAbandoned Park112Abandoned ParkFriday the 13th70Friday the 13thPeaceful retrieve99Peaceful retrievepsychedelics flowers70psychedelics flowersTrippy flowers90Trippy flowersBoston lighthouse90Boston lighthouseFresh-leaves-pattern81Fresh-leaves-patternBoucat88Boucat

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AlbumCover Bubbles Swirls and things.AlbumCover Psychedelic & DigitalAlbumCover photographyAlbumCover artAlbumCover ArchitectureAlbumCover AngelsAlbumCover PlacesAlbumCover natureAlbumCover WinterAlbumCover Fantasy/Animations/3D