Earth surrounded by clouds56Earth surrounded by cloudsDevil's tower at night88Devil's tower at nightNew mexico96New mexicoNagano, Japan6Nagano, JapanNight sky photo by martin campbell84Night sky photo by martin campbellThe stars are always there by Ben Canales108The stars are always there by Ben CanalesThe Pinnacles, near Cervantes, Australia35The Pinnacles, near Cervantes, AustraliaThe light of earth117The light of earthMidnight train by Ben Canales32Midnight train by Ben Canalesmountains and milkyway108mountains and milkywaystorm over water at night96storm over water at nightCrater Lake by Ben Canales96Crater Lake by Ben CanalesCrater Lake by Ben Canales88Crater Lake by Ben CanalesEarth100EarthPath way to the galaxy105Path way to the galaxyMilky way forming an arcc, devil's tower wyoming108Milky way forming an arcc, devil's tower wyomingWater and stars36Water and starsWater and stars110Water and starsWalk along the shore at night96Walk along the shore at nightShoreline and stars88Shoreline and stars