Milkyway over Big Sur72Milkyway over Big Suron the beach at night35on the beach at nightBeautiful night sky96Beautiful night skyMeteor shower, McCloud falls Northern Cal88Meteor shower, McCloud falls Northern CalMilkyway130MilkywayWalk with me under the stars60Walk with me under the starsSurreal moon91Surreal moonMilkyway over the water35Milkyway over the waterBeautiful night78Beautiful nightMilkyway96MilkywayMilkyway over yellowstone8Milkyway over yellowstoneYosemite's night sky96Yosemite's night skyMilky-Way-Galaxy-Waterfall117Milky-Way-Galaxy-WaterfallStars above ancient ruins35Stars above ancient ruinsStarry sky in Lapland120Starry sky in LaplandLet's go here and watch the stars130Let's go here and watch the starsstars and flowers70stars and flowersBeautiful night120Beautiful nightNew Zealand160New Zealandwinter night60winter night