Upon reflection 2108Upon reflection 2spider web on scrollwork35spider web on scrollworkBeautiful path140Beautiful pathLighting strike80Lighting strikeGold coast of Austrailia140Gold coast of AustrailiaFree-wallpaper-1799Free-wallpaper-17Forest and river112Forest and riverFairy woods81Fairy woodsStream in the mist140Stream in the mistSnail sheels36Snail sheelsSpider web on tree54Spider web on tree6bc89dfb17db2311f26127b8b31527eb966bc89dfb17db2311f26127b8b31527ebFog35FogSleeping forest35Sleeping forestLong road before it's done78Long road before it's doneAutumn99AutumnBlue bayou32Blue bayouBeautiful grays81Beautiful graysBirch in the fall48Birch in the fallBox canyon falls, Colorado96Box canyon falls, Colorado