water 229×
cat 220×
night 167×
beautiful 155×
sky 134×
flowers 125×
ocean 104×
blue 103×
stars 100×
beach 98×

Ostatnie puzzle

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Painting by Carol Evans150Painting by Carol EvansMilkyway over geyser in yellowstone national park104Milkyway over geyser in yellowstone national parkLonely road and night sky130Lonely road and night skyDesert30DesertLiquid gold sunset54Liquid gold sunsetCrochet squares120Crochet squaresBlush12BlushMilkyway over Big Sur72Milkyway over Big Suron the beach at night35on the beach at nightLight punching through the clouds96Light punching through the clouds

Ostatnie albumy

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AlbumCover houses, cottages, thoms kincadeAlbumCover Coastlines & Beaches & WavesAlbumCover Winter and AuroraAlbumCover Tropical/seashellsAlbumCover DesertAlbumCover Sun rise and SunsetAlbumCover Some of my featured puzzlesAlbumCover Gemstones/JewelsAlbumCover YarnAlbumCover Food