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flowers 79×
night 78×
cat 76×
water 65×
sky 59×
ships 54×
stars 48×
cats 35×
yarn 35×
beach 34×

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Texas coral snake88Texas coral snakePhoto-chicago-chicago-river-night-block-long-cement-ship-stopped70Photo-chicago-chicago-river-night-block-long-cement-ship-stoppedOoooo pizza32Ooooo pizzaMy knid of book shop80My knid of book shopKiss me you fool!99Kiss me you fool!Iguazu Falls96Iguazu FallsRoses up close80Roses up closeEarth100EarthWill rogers quote36Will rogers quoteHorses in snow35Horses in snow

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AlbumCover Coastlines & Beaches & WavesAlbumCover Winter and AuroraAlbumCover Tropical/seashellsAlbumCover DesertAlbumCover Sun rise and SunsetAlbumCover Some of my featured puzzlesAlbumCover Gemstones/JewelsAlbumCover YarnAlbumCover FoodAlbumCover Hawaii, beach, ocean