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Pink Flamingos28Pink FlamingosKilimanjaro28KilimanjaroCommanche Indians in France24Commanche Indians in FranceStorm Over Germany28Storm Over GermanySit Down and Relax20Sit Down and RelaxParadise Valley, Montana28Paradise Valley, MontanaHyde Park, London28Hyde Park, LondonMatterhorn Sunrise28Matterhorn SunrisePorcupine, SD28Porcupine, SDAnatolia, Turkey28Anatolia, TurkeyAustralian Sunset28Australian SunsetGrand Canyon28Grand CanyonErawan Falls Nat'l. Park, Thailand28Erawan Falls Nat'l. Park, ThailandBig Horn Ram28Big Horn RamTokyo, Japan30Tokyo, JapanLake Skinner, CA35Lake Skinner, CAFaceless28FacelessSteel House, Lubbock, Texas30Steel House, Lubbock, TexasPortugese Stone House30Portugese Stone HouseBlowing Bubbles28Blowing Bubbles