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439 puzzles tagged travel

Great Wall of China28Great Wall of ChinaEmpire State Building24Empire State BuildingRoyal Residence, Copenhagen, Denmark28Royal Residence, Copenhagen, DenmarkWaterfall in Iceland224Waterfall in Iceland2Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand24Grand Palace, Bangkok, ThailandBuckingham Palace, London24Buckingham Palace, LondonBuddhist Temple, Thailand24Buddhist Temple, ThailandGlamis Castle Bedroom24Glamis Castle BedroomGlamis Castle, Angus, Scotland28Glamis Castle, Angus, ScotlandNatchez, MS28Natchez, MSKensington Palace, London, England28Kensington Palace, London, EnglandSchlosshotel Igls, Austria28Schlosshotel Igls, AustriaLA Home24LA HomeAruba24ArubaKillarney, Ireland28Killarney, IrelandItalian Castle 12th Century24Italian Castle 12th CenturyCherokee Nat'l. Forest, Tennessee28Cherokee Nat'l. Forest, TennesseeSpanish Palace24Spanish PalaceSpanish Castle 800 AD24Spanish Castle 800 ADIrish Castle built in 122828Irish Castle built in 1228