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Heather in Bloom, England35Heather in Bloom, EnglandHollywood Boulevard30Hollywood BoulevardNew Hampshire28New HampshireMissouri River, ND28Missouri River, NDMount Ranier Sunrise, WA28Mount Ranier Sunrise, WAKentucky Bluegrass24Kentucky BluegrassWarsaw, Poland24Warsaw, PolandBadlands Nat'l Park, SD28Badlands Nat'l Park, SDMavrovo Lake, Macedonia28Mavrovo Lake, MacedoniaGerman House28German HouseRiding High30Riding HighPink Flamingos28Pink FlamingosKilimanjaro28KilimanjaroCommanche Indians in France24Commanche Indians in FranceStorm Over Germany28Storm Over GermanySit Down and Relax20Sit Down and RelaxParadise Valley, Montana28Paradise Valley, MontanaHyde Park, London28Hyde Park, LondonMatterhorn Sunrise28Matterhorn SunrisePorcupine, SD28Porcupine, SD