love to take pictures and make puzzles. some of them are not mine. But I precise the source. My website is in french.


nature 82×
green 68×
flowers 42×
flower 41×
blue 33×
cat 32×
animal 27×
beautiful 27×
white 26×
bbc 26×


Cherry / cerise
Glycine / wistaria flower
chaussette le chat /Chaussette the cat 02
Fleur de Trèfle /Clover Flower
petite fleur rose / little pink flower
Dora fait sa gym / Dora make her own fitness
Kiwi s'étire / Kiwi the Cat stretching.
escholtzia / Pavot de californie
Cat without paws /chat sans pattes :D
Nissan figaro


My Favorites Series
Dead Tree / Arbre Mort
Peu de pièces / Few pièces
Monuments / Buildings
Autres / Others
Animaux / Animals
Paysages / Landscapes
Fleurs / Flowers