+ Eleven Shades of Gray169+ Eleven Shades of Gray+ Coasters110+ Coasters+ Wedding Day80+ Wedding Day+ Carpet108+ Carpet+ Handbags192+ Handbags+ Painted Countryside180+ Painted Countryside+ United We Stand176+ United We Stand+ Where's my other shoe?120+ Where's my other shoe?+ Material Blues156+ Material Blues+ Optical Illusion121+ Optical Illusion+ Mansion81+ Mansion+ Old West Office42+ Old West Office+ Serenity License Plates60+ Serenity License Plates+ Home Alone180+ Home Alone+ Ballroom Russian Ruins 201377+ Ballroom Russian Ruins 2013+ Craftsman Inn interior140+ Craftsman Inn interior+ Romantic Dinner143+ Romantic Dinner+ Conway Memorial Library56+ Conway Memorial Library+ Metal Garden117+ Metal Garden+ I'll Lead80+ I'll Lead