+ Stop & Smell the Flowers72+ Stop & Smell the Flowers+ Lions on a mission120+ Lions on a mission+ Hungry221+ Hungry+ Arctic Fox64+ Arctic Fox+ Pony143+ Pony+ Running Wild136+ Running Wild+ Horse in a field of flowers160+ Horse in a field of flowers+ Shrubbery81+ Shrubbery+ Sweet kitten117+ Sweet kitten+ Cat with red rose90+ Cat with red rose+ Hole in the Wall Cat132+ Hole in the Wall Cat+ Lion in Winter120+ Lion in Winter+ Sunshine54+ Sunshine+ Sunshine looking out the window126+ Sunshine looking out the window+ Artwork by Cindy Grundsten192+ Artwork by Cindy Grundsten+ Gray Kitten117+ Gray Kitten+ Dog & Cats208+ Dog & Cats+ Valais Blacknose Sheep96+ Valais Blacknose Sheep+ Cat & Kittens126+ Cat & Kittens+ Yellowstone Crop by Dan Christ153+ Yellowstone Crop by Dan Christ