Santa hat


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Schloss Kranzbach
Christmas Entryway and Window
Christmas Cottage and Arbour
Christmas Cottage over the Bridge -- 800 x 600
Christmas at Graceland -- 658 x 440
6.45 a.m. -- in store for more snow
Getting snowed in
Awesome winter scene...
My favourite image of all the houses posted by Christmas Lights.
A light in a snowy forest
So quiet, I can hear the snow falling!
Full Moon over snow-laden limbs of tree
The Tack Cottage Entryway
The Powder Room Entryway
The Backyard at Christmas Castle
Glassed-in Gazebo
And I heard him proclaim, as he drove out of sight...
Cape May, NJ -- Dormer House at Christmas
Cape May, NJ Corner Church in Snow
Cape May, NJ -- Victorian Home in the snow