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41 puzzles tagged holidays
A truly White Christmas!
The Tack Cottage Entryway
The Backyard at Christmas Castle
Glassed-in Gazebo
And I heard him proclaim, as he drove out of sight...
Father Christmas at Harrods Christmas Grotto -- 2012
Christmas Gazebo.6
Christmas Gazebo
Cape May, NJ -- Dormer House at Christmas
Cape May, NJ Corner Church in Snow
Cape May, NJ -- Victorian Home in the snow
Candy Cane Cookies -- YUM!
Charming Santas - Sue Turiano
Stunning Beauty in Pink and White with touches of Silver
Gates to The Secret Club House...
Tree in Crystal, Silver, and White
Victorian-style Ornament -- LOVE THIS
Elegant and Magical -- Merry-go-round and Victorian-style Street
Hurry Christmas, hurry fast...
Centerpiece -- Christmas Table