christmas 123×
winter 99×
snow 56×
holidays 41×
holiday 17×
seasonal 15×
decorations 13×
coffee-art 13×
coffee 13×
ornaments 12×
17 puzzles tagged holiday
Festive House... all decked out
The Powder Room Entryway
Mistletoe Cottage
Green, Gold, and Red... lovely centerpiece
Spectacular Banisters
Victorian Christmas Tree
Emerald, Ivory, and Ruby-coloured Ornaments
Christmas Centerpiece
Beautiful Gothic Church
The Stockings Were Hung By The Chimney With Care...
Christmas Winter Wonderland Tree -- Bev Chapple
White Music Paper Christmas Theme... Mercury Glass Candlesticks
Artfully Decorated Holiday Wreath -- Love it!
Rosecliff Mansion -- decorated for Christmas
Berry Delight!
Christmas Table -- Red, White, and Crystal
Christmas Faerie's Finishing Touches