Santa hat


christmas 137×
winter 113×
snow 62×
holidays 47×
holiday 20×
seasonal 16×
decorations 15×
seasons 14×
coffee-art 13×
coffee 13×
15 puzzles tagged decorations
Beautiful and Elegantly simple light display
All decked up...
All decked out and starting to put presents under the tree
White on White...
Christmas -- Gorgeous in Pink, Plum, Purple, Silver, and White
Christmas Centerpiece of Reds and Golds
Spectacular Banisters
Box of Ornaments waiting to be hung
Beauty in Red -- Sue Turiano
Rosecliff Mansion -- decorated for Christmas
Dining Room decked out for Christmas
Christmas Morning
Christmas Faerie's Finishing Touches
Decked Out for Christmas
Christmas in Blue, Silver & White.2