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Stuart Chape ZSL Animal Photo Prize 2014
Mangrove seedlings in Cayos Cochinos. Honduras
Aldeadávila Dam. Arribes del Duero. Salamanca. Spain
Halfmoon fish in a kelp forest
Fort McHenry National Monument. Baltimore. Maryland
Tom Way ZSL Animal Photo Prize 2014
Buttermere. Lake District National Park. England
Peace Camp at Downhill Beach in Northern Ireland
A dredge boat near the Glénan Islands. France
The village of Weiz sits in the Alpine hills of Styria. Austria
Rio Tinto. Huelva. Spain
Yampa River flowing through Dinosaur National Monument. Clorado
Meltwater creating waterfalls on ice caps
Sunset at Ko Kut Island. Thailand
Waterfalls of Ko Kut Island
Atolls in the Maldive Islands
Common myna bird on lily pad
Lion's mane jellyfish
Alligator Reef light in the Florida Keys
Lulworth Cove