A Bahro cloth; a Myst [Uru] teleport system
Yeesha at Tomahna. Myst Revelation.
Kadesh Tolesa - a precarious walk
Eder Gira cave panorama
Eder Gira - another view
The Cleft - Wark skeleton
Relto - the wood burner
Eder Kemo steps
Jalak Dolor - The game towers in action
The Library - D'ni Ae'gura, Uru live
Me in Eder Gira
Kadesh Tolesa - a view
Jalak Dolor, the game Age triangular prism - MOUL
Ahnonnay Cathedral - MOUL
Payiferen - an urwin seen through a porthole - MOUL
Minkata cage - Myst Online Uru Live
Ahnonnay Spheres as seen from the waterfall tunnel - MOUL
Eder Kemo - storm starting - MOUL
Eder Kemo - the first section - MOUL
Eder Kemo - floating artifact - MOUL