Christmas can be just too much for the little ones150Christmas can be just too much for the little ones"Did someone mention cheese?"252"Did someone mention cheese?"Hand dragon252Hand dragonBaby sloth - surprise!!!252Baby sloth - surprise!!!Baby elephant300Baby elephantBaby anteater208Baby anteaterBaby sloth180Baby slothTree fairy baby252Tree fairy babyPea-pod babies by Anne Geddes120Pea-pod babies by Anne GeddesDeluxe stego sprout by Nekonaoko. DeviantArt252Deluxe stego sprout by Nekonaoko. DeviantArtBaby-bee by Anne Geddes252Baby-bee by Anne GeddesAutumn-fairy-baby by Anne Geddes300Autumn-fairy-baby by Anne GeddesBabies-in-huge-pumpkins by Anne Geddes252Babies-in-huge-pumpkins by Anne GeddesPea-pod-babies by Anne Geddes300Pea-pod-babies by Anne GeddesPond-flower-fairy-baby by Anne Geddes252Pond-flower-fairy-baby by Anne GeddesTulip-fairy-babies300Tulip-fairy-babiesFlower-fairy-baby by Anne Geddes300Flower-fairy-baby by Anne GeddesFlower-pot-babies300Flower-pot-babies