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422 puzzles tagged food
...and a decent helping of the other
Bagels? I'm sure he meant to say bacon
Inhale too hard and it's gone
Somebody sneezed on a plate
But what is still inside?
A more-than-just-chicken sandwich
The Big One
Where there's a basket, there'll be a Meiki close by
And now for something actually edible
Truly gorgeous-looking sandwich
I'm told there's chicken in here somewhere
The chicken sandwich; juicier with cheese
Huge pork in gravy, with large rice, or very tiny sprouts
Well. Um. That bit could be pineapple...?
My friend is clearly a basket case
The Crispy One. Hello, gorgeous!
Sprouts enhance anything, [whatever it is?]
Ah, there's my chicken =D
One for you, one for you and five for me
Someone had chicken and didn't wait for me?