My first and best friend here is Meiki. Thank you for great puzzles and laughs, Meiki [and jigsaw planet] ;D


food 630×
art 251×
glass 79×
chihuly 76×
friend 74×
myst 56×
fish 36×
roast 32×
fruit 32×
colour 27×

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Mm-hm!240Mm-hm!Returning to normality. Another egg for our friend238Returning to normality. Another egg for our friendIn all their roasted-brusselly glory240In all their roasted-brusselly gloryOh there it is, hidden on that cake238Oh there it is, hidden on that cakeNo boat outside, either240No boat outside, eitherNow guess what I've hidden...240Now guess what I've hidden...Peace at last150Peace at last...Hidden boat238...Hidden boatSet [salad] sail238Set [salad] sailNot The Strawbs latest gig240Not The Strawbs latest gig

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