My first and best friend here is Meiki. Thank you for great puzzles and laughs, Meiki [and jigsaw planet] ;D


food 450×
art 221×
glass 78×
chihuly 76×
myst 56×
friend 54×
building 27×
moul 27×
fruit 25×
colour 24×

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Diced but unsliced240Diced but unslicedChicken nuggets198Chicken nuggetsOne back at you - for Meiki =)240One back at you - for Meiki =)At first glance I thought they were beetles240At first glance I thought they were beetlesThis could be a long meal240This could be a long mealSomething fishy and yet somehow bacony240Something fishy and yet somehow baconyWe eating the goldfish now?240We eating the goldfish now?Fish to fry240Fish to fryOoh look, a treiki240Ooh look, a treikiA veggie-table240A veggie-table

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