My first and best friend here is Meiki. Thank you for great puzzles and laughs, Meiki [and jigsaw planet] ;D


food 507×
art 228×
glass 78×
chihuly 76×
friend 56×
myst 56×
roast 29×
fish 29×
building 27×
moul 27×

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A little tart240A little tartHalloween hors d'oeuvres. Yum238Halloween hors d'oeuvres. Yum"Come and try our new unhappy meal"195"Come and try our new unhappy meal"The brains behind the idea240The brains behind the ideaEgg timer180Egg timerTarts238TartsOcto-dogs180Octo-dogsBrilliant idea. I'd wear this154Brilliant idea. I'd wear thisThat taste-of-lemon face154That taste-of-lemon faceYou can tell they're married...143You can tell they're married...

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