Lower Big Sandy Cheat Fest 2012 by Dale Briggs Footage
Trip to Spokane by Mary Stone
Red Swamp Maple with Red Canoe by Ness Waz
Red Swamp Maple Seeds by Ness Waz
Teen Challenge April 29 by Peak 7 Adventures
Teen Challenge 4-29-12 by Peak 7 Adventures
Alice with Flamingo by Elana Kalis
Mermaids by Elana Kalis
Rainbows and Sunshine by Back to Earth - Artworks
Counting Your Blessings by Back to ArtWorks
Wonder Falls with Mark Zackutansky
Warsaw Poland Golden Sunrise by Joanna Gornicka
Neomi Fox Womens C1 New Zealand by Sports Scene
Michael Carey Boatman Grand Canyon by John David Raper
Joey Falin and Dale Swanson by Sammy Allred
Moonlit Canoe, Allagash by Michael Melford
All Smiles buy Middle Fork River Expeditions
Middle Fork of the Salmon River by MFRE
Precision Rafting Upper Yough by Dale Briggs Footage
Wildfire After First Launch by Dogpaddle Canoe and Woodworks