Golden Hooves, Sculpture Garden, Paso Robles, CA
Blue Rose Fractal
The planet of mighty heroes by Danich01
Oriental Cat - David Burnham Smith
Secret Garden - Doug Kreuger
Disquietude-Days of nothing (2) by Sol Marrades
Blue Lake - Peter Ellenshaw
Magic forest - felifee
Pink Goddess by Carol Cavalaris
Spirit Horses 2 by Carol Cavalaris
Sleeping Beauty - Mandiemanz
Mirror image
Golden Iris
Jungle Eyes by Carol Cavalaris
Country Road
Vase Moser Karlsbad Glass - Art Deco Nouveau
Trees Reflections - Bacle Jean Claude
Only OPENS, if you are open for fantasy - Ben Goossens
Aquarium #2 - by Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry
Stone Mosaic