landscape 527×
flowers 484×
nature 416×
trees 401×
art 248×
architecture 219×
lake 216×
waterfall 209×
beach 195×
sunset 167×
landscapes 135×
island 127×
garden 97×
sea 97×
sunrise 96×
river 75×
plant 63×
hawaii 54×
potw 27×
plants 20×

248 puzzles tagged art

Electric Catnip Cat Art99Electric Catnip Cat ArtGiraffes - Carved Wood Art Bowl by Gordon Pembridge96Giraffes - Carved Wood Art Bowl by Gordon PembridgeIndustrial Nature by Michelle Stitzlein96Industrial Nature by Michelle StitzleinColorful Sand Dollars96Colorful Sand DollarsMother of the Woodlands - Cheryl Baker99Mother of the Woodlands - Cheryl BakerVictorian Mechanical Butterfly100Victorian Mechanical ButterflyWooden fence mural99Wooden fence muralAuzzie Inspiration - Nellie Zimmerman100Auzzie Inspiration - Nellie ZimmermanGalaxy Easter Eggs100Galaxy Easter EggsPainted Easter Egg99Painted Easter EggPurple Easter Eggs99Purple Easter EggsBrightly Colored Easter Eggs98Brightly Colored Easter EggsChihuly Urchins96Chihuly Urchins'Duett' art quilt by Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry100'Duett' art quilt by Caryl Bryer Fallert-GentryGolden Dragon96Golden DragonFractal99FractalLeaves Fractal - Fera Feueragian99Leaves Fractal - Fera FeueragianTree Fractal99Tree FractalSky-coffee99Sky-coffeeSpirit Of The Butterfly by Carol Cavalaris99Spirit Of The Butterfly by Carol Cavalaris