The making of a chicken150The making of a chickenSuzie-Lisa another version.130Suzie-Lisa another version.Tea time at Easter130Tea time at EasterFresh baked bread.140Fresh baked bread.Shabu shabu300Shabu shabuEmblem of England120Emblem of EnglandKing's Landing sawmill.99King's Landing sawmill.Will this warm you Meiki?120Will this warm you Meiki?Robin132RobinLunch time yum!130Lunch time yum!Blue potatoes and coloured carrots and not a sprout in sight!140Blue potatoes and coloured carrots and not a sprout in sight!Just another flan.140Just another flan.Sunday pud—do you want a slice?196Sunday pud—do you want a slice?Grandmother perhaps?96Grandmother perhaps?Strawberry Pavlova—perfect for summer.150Strawberry Pavlova—perfect for summer.Pork pie, anyone?156Pork pie, anyone?Perce Rock, Quebec48Perce Rock, QuebecMushroom with goat cheese204Mushroom with goat cheeseRoots—another generation156Roots—another generationFamily roots300Family roots