Dust Breeding by Marcel Duchamp (photo by Man Ray)
Weird Mysteries 5
Frederic Edwin Church, Aurora Borealis (1865)
Ivan Albright, Poor Room
Harry Smith, Parker's Mood (ca. 1949)
Marcel Duchamp, Broyeuse de Chocolat (1914)
Carol Bove, Disgusting Mattress (2013)
John Dee
From The Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians - 1
A Chronological Chart of the Visions of Daniel and John
Holly Hobbie
Black Painting by Ad Reinhardt
Philemon from The Red Book by Carl Jung
Carl Spitzweg, Der Mineraloge in der Grotte (ca. 1880)
William Holman Hunt, Rienzi... (1848-49)
Philipp Otto Runge, Morning (1808)
Maynard Ferguson's Mirror at Millbrook (photo by Don Snyder)
The Black Cat (March 1902)
Harry Smith, Manteca (ca. 1950)