Handle Bench35Handle BenchCollectible antiques 232Collectible antiques 2Collectible antiques 132Collectible antiques 1Cocktail Wagon36Cocktail WagonPosing woman24Posing womanPosing woman35Posing womanOwl bracelet36Owl braceletSt. Charles Trolley40St. Charles TrolleyOn the rocks36On the rocksMississippi River Bridge - BR32Mississippi River Bridge - BROld Green Boat36Old Green BoatLace scull ring36Lace scull ringAntler Arch40Antler ArchWine Glasses35Wine GlassesI can only dream36I can only dreamQuad power42Quad powerHandfull of Reflection42Handfull of ReflectionChurch in Austria on banks of the danbue35Church in Austria on banks of the danbueReflection in dew35Reflection in dewProgress42Progress