Brown butterfly24Brown butterflyButterfly on flower35Butterfly on flowerDance of the Praying Mantis45Dance of the Praying MantisEwww Bugs35Ewww Bugswasp close-up42wasp close-upGolden Orb Silk Weave Spider30Golden Orb Silk Weave SpiderSoon to be butterflies36Soon to be butterfliesButterfly 135Butterfly 1Black and white butterflies42Black and white butterfliesBowl of Butterflies40Bowl of ButterfliesPeace Butterfly40Peace ButterflyFlower Bee35Flower BeeClose up monarch butterfly48Close up monarch butterflyPraying Mantis56Praying MantisMonarch migration49Monarch migrationMonarch butterflies in field of flowers45Monarch butterflies in field of flowersTransparent butterfly wing30Transparent butterfly wingCasper the Spider - blue and red flowers35Casper the Spider - blue and red flowersAnts and Berry54Ants and BerryColorful Beetle Bug35Colorful Beetle Bug