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163 puzzles tagged dogs

Wilma and her moose paddle42Wilma and her moose paddleRufio with his moose paddle32Rufio with his moose paddleTeddy - nose check42Teddy - nose checkPawsome42PawsomeCold Chihuahua36Cold ChihuahuaPaw in hand35Paw in handWilma and Rufio142Wilma and Rufio1The Standoff42The StandoffWilma with pink goggles42Wilma with pink gogglesMany faces of Teddy36Many faces of TeddyTeddy and Yogi36Teddy and YogiDognado36DognadoIrish Setters45Irish SettersStylin Pup36Stylin PupPuppy Chillin36Puppy ChillinRufio and Wilma42Rufio and WilmaLaughter35LaughterWrinkles and Drool42Wrinkles and DroolWilma with toy duck35Wilma with toy duckFranks puss face35Franks puss face