Disabilities keep me from doing much outside so I spend a lot of time online. I really enjoy online jigsaw puzzles, both making my own and doing others. My first love is my dogs. I currently have 7 which are all rescues...they are my joy. I have made several puzzles of a few of them and in time will eventually make a puzzle of each. Thank you for taking the time to view and work my puzzles and look forward to viewing and working all of yours.


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Blue eyed fawn36Blue eyed fawnWhite Tail Deer35White Tail DeerBear Cub in tree35Bear Cub in treeMagpie in the snow30Magpie in the snowPolar Bear reflection35Polar Bear reflectionMountain Caribu - Denali National Park40Mountain Caribu - Denali National ParkHitching a ride40Hitching a rideOtter mom and baby35Otter mom and babyPuppies to Full Grown35Puppies to Full GrownHalt - bear35Halt - bear


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