Disabilities keep me from doing much outside so I spend a lot of time online. I really enjoy online jigsaw puzzles, both making my own and doing others. My first love is my dogs. I currently have 7 which are all rescues...they are my joy. I have made several puzzles of a few of them and in time will eventually make a puzzle of each. Thank you for taking the time to view and work my puzzles and look forward to viewing and working all of yours.


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LSU Tiger Eyes36LSU Tiger EyesAbstract Art Face35Abstract Art FaceBonnie Blue posing with her angel35Bonnie Blue posing with her angelBonnie Blue 201335Bonnie Blue 20133 Giraffe403 GiraffePeace Butterfly40Peace ButterflyWilma and her moose paddle42Wilma and her moose paddleRufio with his moose paddle32Rufio with his moose paddleTeddy - nose check42Teddy - nose checkPawsome42Pawsome


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