This site was for playing with my mother at her nursing home. Mother passed from this life July 2015 after 90 years in this world. We will meet again on another plane with our God given names!


architecture 234×
historic 231×
castles 89×
church 54×
new 52×
buildings 51×
cityscape 50×
york 50×
england 37×
france 35×

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Alpnach Dorf, Alpnachstad, Pilatus Cog Railway108Alpnach Dorf, Alpnachstad, Pilatus Cog RailwayVictoria Clipper in Seattle98Victoria Clipper in SeattleStoke Holy Cross Mill, Norwich home of Coleman's Mustard91Stoke Holy Cross Mill, Norwich home of Coleman's MustardAlexandra Palace Rail station78Alexandra Palace Rail stationAlexandra Palace, Alexandra Park, London112Alexandra Palace, Alexandra Park, LondonSmiley face galaxy, SDSS J1038+484963Smiley face galaxy, SDSS J1038+4849Light Pillars, North Bay Ontario, Canada, Tim Elzinga72Light Pillars, North Bay Ontario, Canada, Tim ElzingaŁańcut Castle, Poland98Łańcut Castle, PolandŁańcut Castle, Poland98Łańcut Castle, PolandHelsinki Cathedral, Finland99Helsinki Cathedral, Finland

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