This site was for playing with my mother at her nursing home. Mother passed from this life July 2015 after 90 years in this world.


historic 167×
architecture 153×
castles 84×
church 52×
buildings 51×
cityscape 43×
religion 31×
france 29×
new 29×
york 28×

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Swallow's Nest castle on the Aurora cliffs of cape Ai-Todor108Swallow's Nest castle on the Aurora cliffs of cape Ai-TodorGenoese fortress in Theodosia91Genoese fortress in TheodosiaSaviour-Transfiguration Cathedral of 11th century108Saviour-Transfiguration Cathedral of 11th centuryBorys-Hlib Cathedral, Ukraine110Borys-Hlib Cathedral, UkraineMeersburg Germany centre of the upper town90Meersburg Germany centre of the upper townDeal Castle77Deal CastleWilmer Castle, The Queen Mother's Garden96Wilmer Castle, The Queen Mother's GardenWalker Castle, Henry Vlll, Kent England77Walker Castle, Henry Vlll, Kent EnglandTrinity House, London108Trinity House, LondonMartello tower (South No.7) at Killiney99Martello tower (South No.7) at Killiney

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