Santa hat
En attendant minuit..., credit: David Keochkerian(500px)
Tents City, credit: SKYDANCER !(500px)
Reflecting on Grand Haven, credit: Second Glance(Flickr)
Colors of fall
Dusk in Bali, Indonesia, credit: syianyinn(Flickr)
Snowy mountains
Paradise awaits, credit: drewhopper(dA)
Goodbye!, crredit: Amateur Pic(500px)
Sunny day, credit: kokoszkaa(dA)
Spirit Island, Maligne Lake, Canada, credit: Michelle W(Flickr)
Place of joy
The world has music for those who listen
Mystical woods
The Gentle Rays, credit: Stuck In Customs(Flickr)
Unforgettable sunset
NaPali Glow, credit: Josh Heidebrecht(500px)
Keep smiling, credit: hkvam(Flickr)
Tropical isles
Fire sunset, credit: Amateur Pic(500px)