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Stretching a paw, credit: Tambako the Jaguar(Flickr)260Stretching a paw, credit: Tambako the Jaguar(Flickr)Giraffes270GiraffesAras in the zoo252Aras in the zooBlue and pink butterfly260Blue and pink butterflyElephants at Sunset, credit: dvinez(500px)252Elephants at Sunset, credit: dvinez(500px)Green Morning, credit: Evgeni Dinev(500px)280Green Morning, credit: Evgeni Dinev(500px)Greater kudu bull, credit: Arno Meintjes Wildlife(Flickr)300Greater kudu bull, credit: Arno Meintjes Wildlife(Flickr)Zebra, credit Arno Meintjes Wildlife Flickr228Zebra, credit Arno Meintjes Wildlife FlickrWild horse, credit: Thanadol Yuiam(500px)228Wild horse, credit: Thanadol Yuiam(500px)Jumping dolphin in Bali, credit: Prasit_Chansareekorn(Flickr)255Jumping dolphin in Bali, credit: Prasit_Chansareekorn(Flickr)Icelandic horses260Icelandic horsesMacaw wings, credit: ravi.k(Flickr)300Macaw wings, credit: ravi.k(Flickr)Boredom, credit: decolesse(dA)252Boredom, credit: decolesse(dA)Portrait, credit: Jeff Clow(500px)300Portrait, credit: Jeff Clow(500px)Morning in the mountains, credit: Jeff Clow(500px)260Morning in the mountains, credit: Jeff Clow(500px)Green Tree Python, credit: Suradej Chuephanich240Green Tree Python, credit: Suradej ChuephanichShadow camels, credit: Lord Veritas300Shadow camels, credit: Lord VeritasUrsidae, credit: Peter Holme(500px)260Ursidae, credit: Peter Holme(500px)Symmetry300SymmetryElephant silhouette300Elephant silhouette