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104 puzzles tagged animal

Knabstrupper stallion252Knabstrupper stallionGenesis, credit: cbb09(dA)221Genesis, credit: cbb09(dA)Paradise bird, credit: aomori(dA)280Paradise bird, credit: aomori(dA)Face of a tiger, credit: bubblywums(dA)204Face of a tiger, credit: bubblywums(dA)Stallions, credit: olga5(dA)256Stallions, credit: olga5(dA)Eating, credit: PedroKin(dA)252Eating, credit: PedroKin(dA)Indigo bunting208Indigo buntingSquirrel221SquirrelEnglish setter, credit: Maaira(dA)198English setter, credit: Maaira(dA)Lady Amherst's pheasant, credit: Emyan(Flickr)228Lady Amherst's pheasant, credit: Emyan(Flickr)Common Pheasant, credit: hakoar(Flickr)221Common Pheasant, credit: hakoar(Flickr)Rocinante209RocinanteTibetian yak221Tibetian yakAut Caesar aut nihil208Aut Caesar aut nihilKeep your thoughts raised high135Keep your thoughts raised highCute giraffe120Cute giraffePenguin130PenguinDolphine silhouette140Dolphine silhouetteMandarin Duck150Mandarin DuckGolden Pheasant130Golden Pheasant