beautiful 1004×
animal 466×
landscape 463×
colorful 450×
water 382×
mammal 361×
wildlife 330×
scenery 329×
wild 249×
nature 244×
architecture 233×
scenic 232×
ocean 187×
africa 171×
autumn 159×
trees 143×
fall 142×
fall colors 120×
herbivore 114×
structure 113×

330 puzzles tagged wildlife

Drinking African Elephant288Drinking African ElephantAdorable Meerkat Baby24Adorable Meerkat BabyMusk Ox in Fall154Musk Ox in FallWater Buffalo A01 copy260Water Buffalo A01 copySolitary Bison Bull286Solitary Bison BullDeer in Meadow130Deer in MeadowAlbino Alligator300Albino AlligatorHippo Pool289Hippo PoolBlack Antelope of Africa196Black Antelope of AfricaCurious Little Guy copy196Curious Little Guy copyFocused Zebra42Focused ZebraBored Giraffe copy24Bored Giraffe copyKudu Bust154Kudu BustArmadillo in Grass copy30Armadillo in Grass copyPainted African Wild Dog198Painted African Wild DogTail Up copy300Tail Up copyGhost Elephant300Ghost ElephantHyena Pup28Hyena PupWaterfowl36WaterfowlCarrion Feeder300Carrion Feeder