Toyota on the lawn, Staunton99Toyota on the lawn, StauntonLocks and rusty chains, Staunton99Locks and rusty chains, StauntonLeaves on Lammermoor, Staunton99Leaves on Lammermoor, StauntonFlats and tractors, Staunton99Flats and tractors, StauntonConstruction on Betsy Bell, Staunton99Construction on Betsy Bell, StauntonCourthouse, Staunton98Courthouse, StauntonLiberty Bell & Independence Hall, Philadelphia98Liberty Bell & Independence Hall, PhiladelphiaLa Guardia Airport, New York City99La Guardia Airport, New York CityGezira Center for Modern Art, Cairo99Gezira Center for Modern Art, CairoPapyrus Institute, Cairo99Papyrus Institute, CairoAl-Azhar Mosque, Cairo99Al-Azhar Mosque, CairoCairo Tower96Cairo TowerStatue of Ramses, Cairo96Statue of Ramses, CairoColossus of Ramses II, Memphis, Cairo96Colossus of Ramses II, Memphis, CairoPyramid of Djoser, Memphis, Cairo99Pyramid of Djoser, Memphis, CairoPalace of Merneptah, Memphis, Cairo96Palace of Merneptah, Memphis, CairoSphinx, Temple of Ptah, Memphis, Cairo96Sphinx, Temple of Ptah, Memphis, CairoRamses II, Memphis, Cairo99Ramses II, Memphis, CairoBab al-Ghuri, Khan el-Khalili, Cairo99Bab al-Ghuri, Khan el-Khalili, CairoTahrir Square, Cairo98Tahrir Square, Cairo