richard 304×
armitage 302×
handsome 209×
sweet 93×
of 92×
john 87×
guy 80×
north 79×
gisborne 79×
love 72×
72 puzzles tagged love
Bequeath300BequeathBequeath30BequeathLoved300LovedEmma and Killian252Emma and KillianBring You Home300Bring You HomeBring You Home30Bring You HomeClaire and Jamie128Claire and JamieLe Printemps - Pierre-Auguste Cot299Le Printemps - Pierre-Auguste CotFrom Russia with Love270From Russia with LoveFrom Russia with Love30From Russia with LoveMe2You42Me2YouBeautiful, love, mine300Beautiful, love, mineDesperately in Love300Desperately in LoveDesperately in Love30Desperately in LoveDo what you love to do45Do what you love to doFather252FatherFather30Father04 Their Chemistry4804 Their Chemistry03 Break a Leg. I love you!5403 Break a Leg. I love you!02 Perfect Hugs ever4802 Perfect Hugs ever