Glacier National Park
Answers Come When the Mind is Still
Find the Bear - Glacier NP
Chipmunk Close-up in Colorado Forest
Chipmunk in Colorado Forest
See the Chipmunk? Forest in Colorado
Gray Squirrel in Forest of Colorado
Forest Scene in Colorado
Golden Autumn Trees at Hidden Valley Park in Burnsville, MN
Beautiful Minnesota Autumn Colors
Beautiful Minnesota Autumn Colors
Gorgeous View From Dumpling Mountain - Katmai NP
Rainbow Over Target Field during Home Run Derby - MPLS MN 2014
Thirteen-lined Ground Squirrel
Thirteen-Lined Ground Squirrels
Thirteen-Lined Ground Squirrel
Skewbald Snake
Piebald (Black and White) Squirrel
Skewbald Moose
Skewbald (Brown/White) Donkey Foal