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37 puzzles tagged paintings

Birds Feeder~ Spring99Birds Feeder~ SpringInterior Hall~ AlexanderSerebryakov100Interior Hall~ AlexanderSerebryakovGatchina Palace-The office of Empress Maria Alexandrovna99Gatchina Palace-The office of Empress Maria AlexandrovnaDining Room~ Marie Louise Roosevelt Pierrepont99Dining Room~ Marie Louise Roosevelt PierrepontSnowman~ TomNewsom100Snowman~ TomNewsomWinter Mill~ wallpaper dsktpnxus 2126x1595-399Winter Mill~ wallpaper dsktpnxus 2126x1595-3Christmas Eve at the Lodge ~ William S. Phillips99Christmas Eve at the Lodge ~ William S. PhillipsCoastal Splendor~ JamesLee99Coastal Splendor~ JamesLeeArtwork Interior99Artwork InteriorInterior of Windsor Castle~ James Roberts99Interior of Windsor Castle~ James RobertsHaunted~ DavidCarter96Haunted~ DavidCarterSea Gulls~ V.Tsyganov99Sea Gulls~ V.TsyganovArt Critic~ Norman Rockwell63Art Critic~ Norman RockwellBeautiful Interior~ StanislavZhukovsky99Beautiful Interior~ StanislavZhukovskyGerhard Munthe99Gerhard MuntheLiving Room~ AMetlan100Living Room~ AMetlanPretty in Pink~ Pearl Frush80Pretty in Pink~ Pearl FrushWoman at the Window~Catherine Nolin99Woman at the Window~Catherine NolinHome from School~ Johann Hermann Kretzschmer (German 1811-1890)90Home from School~ Johann Hermann Kretzschmer (German 1811-1890)Wallace Collection,96Wallace Collection,