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people 1896×
painting 1425×
art 1399×
scene 1376×
vintage 1333×
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children 1148×
trees 1135×
nostalgic 1062×
flowers 994×
country 899×
farm 801×
house 761×
winter 732×
artwork 706×
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home 629×
summer 612×
fall 602×

1425 puzzles tagged painting

Autumn Farm~ Charles Freitag99Autumn Farm~ Charles FreitagBreaking Home Ties~ Norman Rockwell72Breaking Home Ties~ Norman RockwellSaturday Morning~ Marie François Firmin-Girard90Saturday Morning~ Marie François Firmin-GirardA Moment of Solitude~ John O'Brien99A Moment of Solitude~ John O'BrienPure Delight~70Pure Delight~Into the West~ Eggleston www.nevsepic.com.ua70Into the West~ Eggleston www.nevsepic.com.uaMother's Pride & Joy ~ Hans Bachmann-1852-191790Mother's Pride & Joy ~ Hans Bachmann-1852-1917Bouquet~ Amalie Kärcher90Bouquet~ Amalie KärcherFriendly Greeting~ JohnSloane99Friendly Greeting~ JohnSloaneHiggens Blonde70Higgens BlondeSuitors~ Cleto Luzzi88Suitors~ Cleto Luzzi1946 Highball Alert Railroad Signal ILLUSTRATION881946 Highball Alert Railroad Signal ILLUSTRATIONAutumn Reflections~ KimNorlien99Autumn Reflections~ KimNorlienAutumn Glory-1920x1500-A455867.99Autumn Glory-1920x1500-A455867.Classic 20s pinup~ Billy DeVorss80Classic 20s pinup~ Billy DeVorssThe First Lesson~ Samuel Baruch Halle90The First Lesson~ Samuel Baruch HalleSelfServe~ Linda Picken99SelfServe~ Linda PickenRock Creek Crossing~ PersisClayton Weirs wallpaper dsktpnxus 10299Rock Creek Crossing~ PersisClayton Weirs wallpaper dsktpnxus 102Spook House~ Debbie Criswell99Spook House~ Debbie CriswellPortrait of Eight Children~ Nikolai Petrovich Bogdanov-Belsky Ru90Portrait of Eight Children~ Nikolai Petrovich Bogdanov-Belsky Ru