I love Photography and Puzzles.... need I say more? Photos in my albums are by me or family except for Bucket List. Those are found treasure. This month (March) I thought about an extra challenge; If I post a Puzzle titled "Find It" it is a slice of a previous picture/puzzle in that same album. Write and tell me if you find the original! Enjoy!


landscape 359×
nature 309×
scene 260×
architecture 211×
food 140×
water 136×
garden 125×
summer 122×
ocean 120×
ohio 117×

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Winter River Sunrise108Winter River SunriseVoyeur - See the Cartoon Lady?128Voyeur - See the Cartoon Lady?Mumbles Wales250Mumbles WalesLand Turtle160Land TurtleCabaret 0160Cabaret 01Gigean Abbey Ruins91Gigean Abbey RuinsGigean Stormy Road80Gigean Stormy RoadSeen Better Days - Gigean72Seen Better Days - GigeanCorner Cafe - Montpellier112Corner Cafe - MontpellierBubble Up Fountain Kids Love - Montpellier119Bubble Up Fountain Kids Love - Montpellier


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