I love Photography and Puzzles.... Photos in my albums are by me or family except for Bucket List, Camino and Appalachian Trail. Those are found treasure. Everyone keep up the good work with my Find It challenge; If I post a Puzzle titled "Find It" it is a slice of a previous picture/puzzle in that same album. Write and tell me if you find the original! Enjoy!


hike 1099×
nature 1038×
landscape 758×
trail” 755×
“appalachian 755×
wilderness 695×
woods 627×
forest 510×
scene 359×
architecture 343×

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Mile 1249 Wild Blueberry40Mile 1249 Wild BlueberryPleasant Barn90Pleasant BarnTourist Steam Engine Train through Lehigh Gorge91Tourist Steam Engine Train through Lehigh GorgeAbove Floor Is The Jail24Above Floor Is The JailMile 1247 Jail House Hostel at City Hall54Mile 1247 Jail House Hostel at City HallMile 1247 Getting Dizzy at Lehigh Gap120Mile 1247 Getting Dizzy at Lehigh GapButterfly40ButterflyMile 1246 Outerbridge Shelter12Mile 1246 Outerbridge ShelterMile 1244 Wildflower Trout Lily32Mile 1244 Wildflower Trout LilyDownstream35Downstream


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