I love Photography and Puzzles.... need I say more? Note: All photos in my album were taken by me... Just wish I had a better camera. The little Vivitar 122 does pretty well.


nature 231×
landscape 186×
scene 171×
ohio 112×
summer 107×
garden 103×
architecture 94×
water 79×
flowers 75×
flower 72×

Last Puzzles

Arizona 10 Central Montezuma Castle near Prescott
Arizona 09 South Backyard Cactus
Arizona 08 South Backyard Cactus
Arizona 07 Central Desert Butterfly
Arizona 06 North Red Rock
Arizona 05 North Red Rock
Arizona 04 Sedona Bloom
Arizona 03 North
Arizona 02 North Long Tall Cactus
Arizona 01 North


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