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Late Fall Foilage Wyoming USA120gamtnwxLate Fall Foilage Wyoming USAFall Foliage Oxbow Bend Wyoming USA117gamtnwxFall Foliage Oxbow Bend Wyoming USAJACKSON HOLE WYOMING63girlygirlJACKSON HOLE WYOMINGWyoming Scene48WyoAZgalWyoming SceneOld Cowgirls Still Ridin' & Ropin' in Wyoming70WyoAZgalOld Cowgirls Still Ridin' & Ropin' in WyomingPronghorn Herd in Wyoming USA77WyoAZgalPronghorn Herd in Wyoming USARopin' & Ridin' in Wyoming54WyoAZgalRopin' & Ridin' in WyomingFence line in Wyoming45WyoAZgalFence line in WyomingWild Horses in Wyoming88WyoAZgalWild Horses in WyomingSunrise in Wyoming70WyoAZgalSunrise in WyomingCrossing the Stream88WyoAZgalCrossing the StreamWyoming Ranch Land54WyoAZgalWyoming Ranch LandRanching in Crook County Wyoming80WyoAZgalRanching in Crook County WyomingWorking the Cattle in Wyoming54WyoAZgalWorking the Cattle in WyomingWyoming Pronghorn36WyoAZgalWyoming PronghornWyoming Mountain Vista80WyoAZgalWyoming Mountain VistaBig Wonderful Wyoming Sunset88WyoAZgalBig Wonderful Wyoming SunsetWyoming horse ranch54WyoAZgalWyoming horse ranchBison Herd in Yellowstone National Park USA80WyoAZgalBison Herd in Yellowstone National Park USAWyoming Hay Field88WyoAZgalWyoming Hay FieldWinter Devil's Tower Wyoming USA70WyoAZgalWinter Devil's Tower Wyoming USABrush-Creek-Ranch Wyoming USA78WyoAZgalBrush-Creek-Ranch Wyoming USABison-Grand-Teton-National-Park-Wyoming USA80WyoAZgalBison-Grand-Teton-National-Park-Wyoming USABison on the Run35WyoAZgalBison on the Run