39 puzzles tagged worker

Don't be late...36heringDon't be late...Indian Woman Worker 🐴150SisserIndian Woman Worker 🐴Workers' housing at Nikiszowiec88JeanneMWorkers' housing at NikiszowiecGreat wood art worker81Charlie1934Great wood art workerFarmer in Vietnam12ardenaFarmer in VietnamMinions-construction-workers120merve88Minions-construction-workersConstruction 1117merve88Construction 1Baby Owl32KarlitosBaby OwlModern Times (Charles Chaplin, 1936)200mardukwinsModern Times (Charles Chaplin, 1936)Clouds over Golden Gate Bridge35heringClouds over Golden Gate BridgeGolden Gate Bridge, red!35heringGolden Gate Bridge, red!Charline, fleuriste, meilleur ouvrier de France16catlocCharline, fleuriste, meilleur ouvrier de FranceSugar-cane-cutter130Sugar-cane-cuttersteam128BenedictinosteamTrabajador Alto Horno12Trabajador Alto HornoConstruction worker24Construction workervictorian worker108paulcovictorian workerPortrait d'ouvrier en appui sur une poubelle, aquarelle40Vinca0Portrait d'ouvrier en appui sur une poubelle, aquarelleCanal de Panamà221catlocCanal de PanamàCleaning A Cruise Ship24BlindTigerCleaning A Cruise ShipVertige228elgauchoVertige"The Real Toy Story" by Michael Wolf (1)63Iannah"The Real Toy Story" by Michael Wolf (1)What Are My Strenghs?35What Are My Strenghs?What Are My Strenghs35What Are My Strenghs