21 puzzles tagged woodcut

another world - escher252medamaudeanother world - escher16_Kanbara140sedey16_KanbaraJs639b130sedeyJs639bEscher stairs300acophEscher stairsThe joy of the rich 2 by John Silver Kimani 201535FadeThe joy of the rich 2 by John Silver Kimani 2015HIROSHIGE96sedeyHIROSHIGEFélix Vallotton, l'irréparable35puzlartFélix Vallotton, l'irréparableFélix Vallotton, Cinq Heures, 1890's35puzlartFélix Vallotton, Cinq Heures, 1890'sFélix Vallotton, La manifestation, 188935puzlartFélix Vallotton, La manifestation, 1889Félix Vallotton, Le Renseignement, 189435puzlartFélix Vallotton, Le Renseignement, 1894Félix Vallotton, Le Sommeil, 1890s32puzlartFélix Vallotton, Le Sommeil, 1890sFélix Vallotton, L'Averse , 189435puzlartFélix Vallotton, L'Averse , 1894Vallotton, Le Poker, 1890s35puzlartVallotton, Le Poker, 1890sNeckerchief, from F. Vallotton, 1895, MOMA36puzlartNeckerchief, from F. Vallotton, 1895, MOMAFélix Vallotton, La Paresse, 189635puzlartFélix Vallotton, La Paresse, 1896Damascus of long ago154JeanBDamascus of long agorockfish print hiroshige108sedeyrockfish print hiroshigeDeath81diabolorum66DeathNikolai Astrup (1880-1928) - June Night in the Garden70lalaloolooNikolai Astrup (1880-1928) - June Night in the GardenWoodcut by Bold80ursaWoodcut by BoldAutumn_Moon_Ishiyama140sedeyAutumn_Moon_Ishiyama