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Lee Kromschroeder 'Timber Wolves Body Language'150rwmainLee Kromschroeder 'Timber Wolves Body Language'Wolf 28300KaraMelekWolf 28Wolves 26300KaraMelekWolves 26Kathy Goff 'Wolf Crowd'150rwmainKathy Goff 'Wolf Crowd'The 7 sisters228VioletStormThe 7 sistersWolves 25300KaraMelekWolves 25Wolf 25300KaraMelekWolf 25Wolf 24300KaraMelekWolf 24Wolf cub 3300KaraMelekWolf cub 3CALL OF THE WILD204cacabuckCALL OF THE WILDWhite Wolves77AppleBWhite WolvesWolf 23300KaraMelekWolf 23Wolf 22300KaraMelekWolf 22Wolves 24300KaraMelekWolves 24Wolf 21300KaraMelekWolf 21Wolves 23300KaraMelekWolves 23Wolf 20300KaraMelekWolf 20Lucie Bilodeau 'Early Snowfall'150rwmainLucie Bilodeau 'Early Snowfall'Wolves cubs 3300KaraMelekWolves cubs 3Wolf 19300KaraMelekWolf 19Wolf6thiatt55WolfWolves 22300KaraMelekWolves 22Wolf 18300KaraMelekWolf 18Wolves at the Gates of the Arctic (1)15swreaderWolves at the Gates of the Arctic (1)