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Wind River Range Wyoming Meadow300foxandowlWind River Range Wyoming MeadowClothes drying50catmom040Clothes dryingVäderkvarnsvingar100IsabeauVäderkvarnsvingarTulip and wind farms, Netherland35smjmTulip and wind farms, NetherlandThe-freak-liquid-mountains-of-lake-erie-5 880240The-freak-liquid-mountains-of-lake-erie-5 880Bending withthe wind90shaperBending withthe windVivian Leigh110MustangJock51Vivian LeighTexas Windfarm70cloudfanTexas WindfarmSailing ship in high seas140Sailing ship in high seasWindsurfing from Microsoft Jigsaw by auricle99108auricle99Windsurfing from Microsoft Jigsaw by auricle99Portland Main Lighthouse 0235KarlitosPortland Main Lighthouse 02Lone Tree Twisted By Time and Wind Utah USA120gamtnwxLone Tree Twisted By Time and Wind Utah USAShenandoah under fullsail.130Shenandoah under fullsail.Sailing with bone in teeth130Sailing with bone in teeth^ Moulin de Lautrec, Tarn, France24300zx^ Moulin de Lautrec, Tarn, FranceOklahoma tornadoes...May 31, 201650TrishadishOklahoma tornadoes...May 31, 2016OUTDOOR PINWHEEL20zipnonOUTDOOR PINWHEELEuropa Full Sails and Stunsails35KarlitosEuropa Full Sails and StunsailsSailing ship -00932KarlitosSailing ship -009Sailing ship -00735KarlitosSailing ship -007Sailing ship -00635KarlitosSailing ship -006Sailing ship -00535KarlitosSailing ship -005Sailing ship -00335KarlitosSailing ship -003Ship's Bell20KarlitosShip's Bell