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Mile 0252 Max Patch Summit Camp88AmyJoyMile 0252 Max Patch Summit CampTree Fungi Near Groundhog Creek Shelter54AmyJoyTree Fungi Near Groundhog Creek ShelterMile 0238 Cove Inbetween70AmyJoyMile 0238 Cove InbetweenCoyote54AmyJoyCoyoteStanding Bear Farm Hostel Firepit54AmyJoyStanding Bear Farm Hostel FirepitMile 0235 Standing Bear Farm Hostel Bunkhouse54AmyJoyMile 0235 Standing Bear Farm Hostel BunkhouseAn Infant Puffball Mushroom-Hygrometer Earthstar40AmyJoyAn Infant Puffball Mushroom-Hygrometer EarthstarMile 0225 Wildflower Yellow Violets63AmyJoyMile 0225 Wildflower Yellow VioletsWildflower Beardtongue Foxglove54AmyJoyWildflower Beardtongue FoxgloveSnakes Den Ridge Taraform70AmyJoySnakes Den Ridge TaraformMile 0224 Snakes Den Ridge Trail70AmyJoyMile 0224 Snakes Den Ridge TrailCreek Bridge54AmyJoyCreek BridgeLook Up!  A Raccoon54AmyJoyLook Up! A RaccoonLogs Across The Trail54AmyJoyLogs Across The TrailLunch at the Shelter70AmyJoyLunch at the ShelterMile 0217 Pecks Corner Shelter24AmyJoyMile 0217 Pecks Corner ShelterWildflower Fringed Orchid54AmyJoyWildflower Fringed OrchidBright Spider56AmyJoyBright SpiderOpossum54AmyJoyOpossumNorth Carolina Trek Through Porter Gap54AmyJoyNorth Carolina Trek Through Porter GapChow Time54AmyJoyChow TimeSmoky Mt Bear Yup54AmyJoySmoky Mt Bear YupMile 0205 North Carolina Ice Water Trail Sign40AmyJoyMile 0205 North Carolina Ice Water Trail SignCove is home to Elk88AmyJoyCove is home to Elk