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"Canyon Falls" - Marc Adamus
North Klondike River Valley, Tombstone Territorial Park, Yukon,
Sculpture by Wind & Water in Paria Canyon
Wildflowers bloom in untrammelled glory in wilderness
Two Waterfalls and Black Mountain
Sunset at the Headwaters of Pine Creek
Outlet Falls of Pine Creek Lake
Scotland Loch
After Sunset on Hell Roaring Lake, ID
Sawtooth Wilderness - Idaho
The Finger of Fate stands over surrounding peaks
Sunrise at Pettit Lake, Sawtooth National Recreation Area, ID
Chinle Formation abstract, Paria Canyon
New life begins with the winter rains
Margerie Glacier Glacier Bay National Park AK
Karlamilyi National Park, Western Australia
Cairano Flowers
Frederic Edwin Church Twilight in the Wilderness
South Coyote Buttes at Vermillion Cliffs,
Lake Clark
Lake Clark National Park
13 Eagle Peak Volcano