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squirrel in snow8ardenasquirrel in snowCanada,Northern lights12ardenaCanada,Northern lightsReindeer,Mackenzie Delta,Canada8ardenaReindeer,Mackenzie Delta,CanadaMile 2105 White Cap Mountain126AmyJoyMile 2105 White Cap Mountainunique contest10ardenaunique contestThe Downside of Chairback Mountain20AmyJoyThe Downside of Chairback MountainMile 2082 Stealthing It At Cloud Pond24AmyJoyMile 2082 Stealthing It At Cloud PondRhinos Walk in Conservation Park221corvuscrucioRhinos Walk in Conservation ParkMile 2057 Pond Near Boardman Mountain108AmyJoyMile 2057 Pond Near Boardman MountainMile 2050 Tail Colors70AmyJoyMile 2050 Tail ColorsMile 2043 Moxie Bald91AmyJoyMile 2043 Moxie Baldprimrose flowers8ardenaprimrose flowersangel wings,fungi12ardenaangel wings,fungiMile 2038 Moose Skull on the Shore110AmyJoyMile 2038 Moose Skull on the ShoreMile 2031 Pleasant Pond152AmyJoyMile 2031 Pleasant PondKennebec Trail35AmyJoyKennebec Trailcat in hammock8ardenacat in hammockamazing flower15ardenaamazing flowerJasper Elk70roseinwinterJasper ElkMile 2024 Kennebec River Ferry Canoe160AmyJoyMile 2024 Kennebec River Ferry CanoeHeading To Pierce Pond136AmyJoyHeading To Pierce PondMile 2022 Crossing Another Bog80AmyJoyMile 2022 Crossing Another Bogorange flowers12ardenaorange flowersorange butterfly12ardenaorange butterfly