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Pansies15llgreggPansiesSurprise!6jeanie45Surprise!White roses99FloorWhite rosesMoustache6jeanie45MoustacheDaffodils in the woods Narcissus48goosealleygalDaffodils in the woods NarcissusSo alone35magdellanaSo alone#Breaking Bad- Walter and Jesse in the Lab300Kaboomer#Breaking Bad- Walter and Jesse in the Lab#Walt and Jesse Breaking Bad91Kaboomer#Walt and Jesse Breaking Bad#Flynn White Breaking Bad24Kaboomer#Flynn White Breaking Bad#Walter White House Breaking Bad15Kaboomer#Walter White House Breaking Bad^ Red and White Geraniums42300zx^ Red and White GeraniumsA lovely scene by Pantelis Zografos (Greece)35715ajan3A lovely scene by Pantelis Zografos (Greece)Lizzy Jagger12katiekatzLizzy JaggerWinner Takes All12katiekatzWinner Takes AllNemo Nemo12katiekatzNemo NemoWhite bird35LetiBravoWhite birdWhat's so funny32LetiBravoWhat's so funnyTongue35LetiBravoTongueSwimming in cup35LetiBravoSwimming in cupSuper cute35LetiBravoSuper cuteSpotted friends35LetiBravoSpotted friendsSame color spots32LetiBravoSame color spotsRelaxing35LetiBravoRelaxingRed on white36LetiBravoRed on white